• forwarding the paleo movement joe salama

    Forwarding the Paleo Movement
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    Forwarding the Paleo Movement   When I first started this lifestyle in November 2011, I created a google email alert to send me a message every day whenever the word “Paleo” was in the news.  Back then about 90% of the search results were bad results, mischaracterizing it as “just another low-carb diet,” a fad…

  • Rethinking the Ice Bucket Challenge where do the funds go

    Rethinking the Ice Bucket Challenge
    in Health, News

    Rethinking the Ice Bucket Challenge: What to Consider Before Donating to Chronic Disease Foundations   If you spend any amount of time on social media, you would be hard-pressed not to notice the Ice Bucket Challenge that has been wildly successful in raising funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. …

  • chef david perkins Certified Paleo Friendly Austin Texas

    Business Spotlight: Beetnik Foods
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    In this Paleo Business Spotlight Jonathan David of the Paleo Foundation interviews clasically-trained Chef David Perkins, the founder of Beetnik Foods, a pre-made food company in Austin, Texas. Beetnik Foods isn’t your average pre-made food service, they exceed expectations by sourcing from some of the best farmers and ranchers in central Texas, and adhere to a philosophy of…

  • low carb bodybuilding mario singelmann

    Low Carb Bodybuilding Experience
    in Fitness

    My Low Carb Bodybuilding Experience I never planned to go 15 days with less than 50g carbs, it just sort of happened. Honestly, it was out of convenience that I had this low carb bodybuilding experience, actually. I had things going on and simplifying my diet made my life easier, which translates to less food…

  • paleo sweet potato pie with lamb recipe

    Sweet Potato Pie with Lamb
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    Sweet Potato Pie with Lamb This Savory sweet potato and lamb pie is turns the traditional pie concept upside down. The bottom “crust” is made from ground lamb (like a classic “meatza” pie), but there’s a dough-like upper crust made from mashed yuca (the tuber that tapioca flour comes from). What I love about this pie…

  • Paleo Ceviche Recipe White Girl Salsa

    Quick and Easy “Almost” Paleo Ceviche Recipe
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    Quick and Easy “Almost” Paleo Ceviche Recipe This is an easy twist on a classic summer dish from the gals at White Girl Salsa!   Paleo Ceviche Ingredients: •  1 lb cooked shrimp (peeled and cut into bite sized pieces) •  1 ½ cups chopped celery •  1 red bell pepper (diced) •  ½ cup chopped…

  • nurses as leaders in the paleo movement

    Nurses as Leaders in the Paleo Movement
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    Nurses as Leaders in the Paleo Movement If being the most Googled diet in 2013 is any evidence, the Paleo Movement is slowly gaining momentum in mainstream culture.  Everyone in the community, no matter what their profession or walk in life, has a role to play in contributing to this forward progress of bringing the…

  • Mario Singelmann Making the decision to lose weight

    Making the Decision to Lose Weight
    in Fitness

    Making the Decision to Lose Weight People make the decision to lose weight every day. Some decide to implement more exercise, some choose to improve their diet, some choose to do both. Here’s the truth… (Patting myself on the back for resisting inserting the word “skinny” there.) But seriously, the truth… If you improve your exercise habits,…

  • ask a paleo nurse high blood pressure katy haldiman

    High Blood Pressure, Salt, and Potassium
    in Health

    Ask the Paleo Nurse: High Blood Pressure, Salt, and Potassium High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a common condition that affects 1 in every 3 adults in the United States.  Although hypertension typically has no signs or symptoms, it can lead to serious complications such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and kidney…

  • Paleo Blackened Cod

    Blackened Cod with Plantain Chips and Pineapple Av ...
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    Who says eating deliciously Paleo has to be complicated? Some of the best meals I’ve made have been the simplest. And while I do love to cook and putter about working through complex, 42 step meals in the #Healthilinguist Kitchen— weeknights, and especially Fridays are about convenience. I started a FastFood Friday competition with myself…