• Paleo Ceviche Recipe White Girl Salsa

    Quick and Easy “Almost” Paleo Ceviche Recipe
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    Quick and Easy “Almost” Paleo Ceviche Recipe This is an easy twist on a classic summer dish from the gals at White Girl Salsa!   Paleo Ceviche Ingredients: •  1 lb cooked shrimp (peeled and cut into bite sized pieces) •  1 ½ cups chopped celery •  1 red bell pepper (diced) •  ½ cup chopped…

  • nurses as leaders in the paleo movement

    Nurses as Leaders in the Paleo Movement
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    Nurses as Leaders in the Paleo Movement If being the most Googled diet in 2013 is any evidence, the Paleo Movement is slowly gaining momentum in mainstream culture.  Everyone in the community, no matter what their profession or walk in life, has a role to play in contributing to this forward progress of bringing the…

  • Mario Singelmann Making the decision to lose weight

    Making the Decision to Lose Weight
    in Fitness

    Making the Decision to Lose Weight People make the decision to lose weight every day. Some decide to implement more exercise, some choose to improve their diet, some choose to do both. Here’s the truth… (Patting myself on the back for resisting inserting the word “skinny” there.) But seriously, the truth… If you improve your exercise habits,…

  • ask a paleo nurse high blood pressure katy haldiman

    High Blood Pressure, Salt, and Potassium
    in Health

    Ask the Paleo Nurse: High Blood Pressure, Salt, and Potassium High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a common condition that affects 1 in every 3 adults in the United States.  Although hypertension typically has no signs or symptoms, it can lead to serious complications such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and kidney…

  • Paleo Blackened Cod

    Blackened Cod with Plantain Chips and Pineapple Av ...
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    Who says eating deliciously Paleo has to be complicated? Some of the best meals I’ve made have been the simplest. And while I do love to cook and putter about working through complex, 42 step meals in the #Healthilinguist Kitchen— weeknights, and especially Fridays are about convenience. I started a FastFood Friday competition with myself…

  • joe salama the tao of paleo

    The Tao of Paleo Interview
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    Authors Joe Salama (“JS”) and Jason Goldberg (“JG”) speak with the Paleo Movement Magazine about their new book, “The Tao of Paleo: Finding Your Path to Health and Harmony”.   1. What is the Tao of Paleo about?   JG: Above all, it’s a good, basic introduction to living a Paleo life. Notice I didn’t…

  • Dylan Harris Bodybuilding Fitspiration

    Fitspiration Spotlight: Dylan Harris
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    Fitspiration with Dylan Harris My view of Dylan Harris has evolved since I first met him at a photoshoot in 2012 from the simple assessment of ‘amazing physique, future as a pro fitness competitor, chill guy’ to later, ‘humble, open-minded health and fitness professional, responsible health and fitness representative’ and now to ‘admirable and inspirational.’…

  • Paleo Fitspiration

    Paleo Fitspiration Spotlight: CSSR David Lona
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    Paleo Fitspiration: David Lona   It’s not often you get to share inspiration with others, but for today’s Paleo Fitspiration success story we are spotlighting and interviewing my very good friend and trainee, Culinary Specialist Seaman Recruit David Lona.  I am proud to call David my friend, and also my “brother I never wanted.” I hope…

  • zazaraw paleo desserts colorado

    Paleo Business Spotlight: ZAZA Raw
    in Business

    Paleo Business Spotlight with ZAZA Raw owner Elisabeth Saucier   In 2011, Elisabeth Saucier started a Raw Vegan and Paleo Friendly dessert company based in Boulder, Colorado called ZAZA Raw. In our interview with Elisabeth, we ask about how her company got its zany name, the impetus for starting a raw vegan dessert business, the challenges she…

  • Microbes, Metals, Methylation

    Microbes, Metals, and Methylation
    in Health

    Microbes, Metals, and Methylation: Three Reasons You’re Not Yet Optimal   If you’re anything like me, you began making health and lifestyle changes due to one of two factors: you were experiencing some sort of illness or you simply realized that you could become a much better version of yourself.  It may have started with…